New Zealanders

Why are New Zealanders called Kiwis?

Do you want to know why New Zealanders are called kiwis? Then have a close look at here to find the exact details about it. Sometimes, one can easily get the answer that this country is having a national symbol of curious bird species. But still, why are new Zealanders called kiwis? In order to find the answer, you must know their history.

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New Zealand’s national dish

What is New Zealand’s national dish?

The New Zealand national dish is probably a lamb roast with vegetables and mint sauce or gravy. Do you ever taste it? But, I experienced as I visited New Zealand last week. The taste is fabulous and it is delicious. The seafood is very good and I loved it a lot.

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Is It Worth Going to NZ in Winter?

In general, winter is always a special season that most of the people loves. Are you the one among them? Then sure you have to visit New Zealand. Here, you can find things to do in New Zealand in winter where you can able to enjoy with your friends and family in a most extraordinary manner.

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