New Zealanders

Why are New Zealanders called Kiwis?

Do you want to know why New Zealanders are called kiwis? Then have a close look at here to find the exact details about it. Sometimes, one can easily get the answer that this country is having a national symbol of curious bird species. But still, why are new Zealanders called kiwis? In order to find the answer, you must know their history.

Impact of kiwi

The indigenous Māori of New Zealand has always considered the kiwi as the most important regard for their major activities. They also called the kiwi bird as the god of the forest and the hidden bird of Tāne. kiwi The peoples still worshipping its feathers too, since they believe that it consists of the holy power that none of the other birds consists of. There comes the European settler, where they take their time to show their affection and love this strange and interesting bird. In the year 1811, the kiwi bird has been actually caught after the skin of this bird has been ended up with George Shaw’s hands, a British Museum zoologist. That bird alone has survived around 15 years in that environment alone without anyone’s help in a top notch manner. Through these major factors, a nickname for new Zealanders has become as kiwi.

Impact of making kiwi as the symbol

In the early 1900s, the first portrayal of the kiwi to be announced as New Zealand’s national symbol step has been taken place. At that time, this news becomes very much popular and many cartoonists started spreading this news. This popularity has finally reached the first test match of All Blacks rugby team and they won against their British motherland in a top notch manner. If you have the question of what does kiwi mean in New Zealand, then here you will get the answer now. Kiwi is basically the nickname that has been internationally utilized for the people from all over New Zealand along with the being known as the relatively common self-reference in an effective manner. If you think, it is abusive to call them as kiwi, then you are wrong, sure it is not at all a wrong thing. They will be feeling proud when they have called that. They viewed it as the symbol of pride and enjoy their identity through the kiwi bird. Sure, through this you can find the reason for the New Zealanders to be kiwis.